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Personal information


Avramov, Mihail Zdravkov

Telephone; Fax

+359 2 9621166, +359 87 8726471, +359 88 8726471


Personal web page

Date of birth


Recent work experience

• Dates (from – to)

1991 – present

• Name and address of employer

University of Sofia dept. of Physical chemistry

• Type of business or sector

University / R&D

• Occupation or position held

Chief Assistant Professor

• Main activities and responsibilities

Teaching, fundamental and applied research; management of research and industrial contracts;

• Dates (from – to)

2005 – present

• Name and address of employer

Bulgarian Software Solutions

• Type of business or sector

R&D / Industrial

• Occupation or position held


• Main activities and responsibilities

Management of research and industrial contracts;

Last education and training

• Dates (from – to)

1986 - 1991

• Name and type of organization

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Chemistry

• Principal subjects/occupational

skills covered

MS Degree in physical chemistry (Theoretical chemistry)

• Title of qualification awarded

2002 PhD in Physical Chemistry "Role of Line tension in Phase Formation"

Social skills

and competences

Living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential (for example culture and sports), etc.

Working for several years on projects with international companies and universities e.g.

IGM roboter austria, telecom austria, kds gmbh, global refund, oeamtc and others.

This work has been held with teams from Austria, Singapore, Korea, UK.

Organisational skills

and competences

Coordination and administration of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary work (for example culture and sports) and at home, etc.

As Chief executive of BSS I had to manage for more than 10 years the budget of the company. The company consists in the moment of 10 people working in the area of software, electronic and mechanical engineering as well as in measurement science and technology.

Technical skills

and competences

With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc.

. Measurement science, Physical chemistry, Statistics, Image processing, Digital signal processing, Thermodynamics, Software engineering

Other skills

and competences

Teaching – Statistical Thermodynamics, Colloid chemistry, Chemical Informatics, Statistics and data analyses, Embedded systems in chemical devices, Image and other digital signal processing, Application programming C# / Java – Languages Bulgarian or English

Scientific Publications


Conference presentations


M. AvramovSix Degree of Freedom Stage for optical Microscopy, SPIE Optical Metrology, Germany/Munich 2013


M. AvramovAutomated method for measurement of dynamic contact angles of liquids, ECIS 2013


Михаил АврамовСистема за микропозициониране за нуждите на оптичната микроскопия, СЕРВИЗНА РОБОТИКА , София 2011


M. AvramovTracking of moving drops and measurement of profile and contact angles, IECIS, Berlin 2011


M. AvramovCorreletation methods for 3D imaging with single beam optical microscopy and Hexapod stage, 3DIMS, Bordeau 2010

Scientific Projects


Materials Networking, Member,


Beyound Everest, Member,

Scientific mentoring


Михаил АврамовСтатика и динамика на капилярни мостове, СУ Св. Климент Охридски дисертация д-р:Иван Тихомиров Иванов


Михаил АврамовЛабораторни Упражнения по метрология - Измерване не механични величини, дипломна работа:Живко Георгиев


Михаил АврамовЛабораторни Упражнения по метрология - Измерване не оптични и електрически величини, дипломна работа:Любослав Ванков


Михаил АврамовРазработване на метод за изследване на статичните и динамични свойства на трифазен контакт, СУ кат. Физикохимия Магистър дипломна работа:Иван Иванов


Михаил АврамовАвтоматизирано следене на капка движеща се по наклонена повърхност, СУ кат. Физикохимия дипломна работа:Николай Рисков


Михаил АврамовУправление на информационната сигурност в ASP.NET базирани приложения, СУ ФМИ Магистрант дипломна работа:Мая Красимирова Петкова



B. Radoev, T. Boev, M. AvramovElectrostatics of heterogeneous monolayers. Constitutive equations and mathematical models, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, том:114-115, 2005, стр.93-101, Ref , IF/IR


B. Radoev, T. Boev, M. AvramovTransmission problems in heterogeneous systems: Constitutive equations and mathematical models, Annuaire de L' universite de Sofia "St.Kl. Ohridski", Faculte de chimie, том:96, 2004, стр.275-290, Ref


B. Radoev, M. AvramovEffect of surface polarization on the nucleation at liquid/gas interface, Colloids and Surfaces A, том:175, брой:67, 2000, Ref , IF/IR


K. Starchev, M. Avramov, B. RadoevBrownian Motion at Liquid-Gas Interface. 4.Experiments with glass microspheres in presence of surfactants., Langmuir, том:11, брой:1731, 1995, Ref , IF/IR


M. Avramov, K. Dimitrov, B. RadoevBrownian Motion at Liquid-Gas Interface. 5.Effect of Insoluble Surfactants - Nonstationary Diffusion., Langmuir, том:10, брой:1507, 1995, Ref , IF/IR


M. Z. Avramov, Pavel A. Velev, Christian S. VassilieffContinuous Membrane Plasmapheresis with High Filtration Yield.1. Numerical Algorithm for Hollow Fibers and Parametric Model Investigation, Annuair de l’Universite de Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski” Fac. de Chimie, том:88, 1995


B.V. Toshev, M. Z. AvramovVan-der-Vaals attraction forces and line tension, Colloids and Surfaces A, том:100, брой:203, 1995, Ref , IF/IR


K. Dimitrov, M. Avramov, B. RadoevBrownian Motion at Liquid-Gas Interface., Compt. Rend. Bulg. Acad. Sci. , том:47, брой:2, 1994, Ref , IF/IR


K. Dimitrov, M. Avramov, B. RadoevBrownian Motion at Liquid-Gas Interface. 3.Effect of Insoluble Surfactants., Langmuir, том:10, брой:1596, 1994, Ref , IF/IR


K. Dimitrov, B. Radoev, M. AvramovBrownian Motion at Liquid-Gas Interface. 2. Effect of Surfactants., Langmuir, том:9, брой:1414, 1993, Ref , IF/IR


A.D. Alexandrov, M. Z. AvramovNucleation of water on n-dodecan, Colloid Polym. Sci., том:271, брой:162, 1993, Ref , IF/IR


B. V. Toshev, M. Z. AvramovOn the Thermodynamic Stability of Small Droplets at Positive Line Tension, Colloids and Surfaces A , том:75, брой:33, 1993, Ref , IF/IR


Avramov M. Z., Ivan Ivanov, V. Pavlov, K. ZaharievaA robotized six degree of freedom stage for optical Microscopy, Proc. SPIE, издателство:SPIE, 2013, doi:10.1117/12.2021461, Ref , IF/IR , PhD , MSc


Avramov M. Z., Soklev, B.Notes on Implementation of Novel Approach for Microscopy Measurement with Stereo Correlation , Technological Development in Education and Automation, издателство:Springer Science, 2010, Ref , MSc


M. Avramov, B. Cohen, K. Dimitrov, B. RadoevNew phase formation in Langmuir monolayers. Electrostatic and Hydrodynamic effects., Euromech, 1997, Ref

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