Quicktest 2 grammar tick () A, B, or c to complete the sentences

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Quicktest 2


Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: My parents _____ in China.

A are born      B were born    C was born     

1 She _____ had a bank account for five years now.

A had      B has      C have     

2 His latest film isn’t _____ the last one I saw.

A as good than      B better      C as good as     

3 Anne How long _____ for me?

Bill For half an hour!

A are you waiting      B do you wait      C have you been waiting     

4 I’ve been playing football _____ I was six years old.

A when      B since      C for     

5 Alex When _____ on holiday to Thailand?

Beth Two years ago.

A did you go      B have you gone      C you went     

6 Let’s eat in this restaurant. It’s _____ than the other one.

A less expensive      B more cheaper      C as expensive     

7 Amy Can I speak to Peter, please?

Bob Sorry, he _____ out.

A has just been      B just has been      C has just gone     

8 You look tired. What _____?

A you have been doing      B have you doing      C have you been doing     

9 Have you _____? There’s blue paint in your hair!

A been painting      B painting      C painted     

10 He was _____ teacher I’ve ever had.

A the worse      B worst      C the worst     

11 He _____ saved enough money yet. He needs another 500 euros.

A hadn’t      B hasn’t      C has     

12 The journey didn’t take as long _____ we thought.

A that      B than      C as     

13 How long have they _____ going out together?

A been      B already      C be     

14 Have you _____ been to South America?

A ever      B yet      C never     

15 We’ve been living in this house _____ four years now.

A from      B since      C for     

16 I haven’t finished my exams _____. I’ve got two more next week.

A already      B yet      C soon     

17 How much money _____ you earn last month?

A did      B have      C do     

18 I love Venice. It’s _____ beautiful city I’ve been to.

A the      B the most      C most     

19 I haven’t seen you _____ last summer. How are you?

A since      B for      C until     

20 Alice Would you like a cup of coffee?

Bruno No, thanks. I’ve _____ one.

A yet had      B just had      C just have     



a Tick () the synonym of the adjectives.

Example: very small

A tiny    B tinny      C tin     

1 very dirty

A furious      B filthy      C awful     

2 very angry

A awful      B starving      C furious     

3 very tasty

A delicious      B boiling      C freezing     

4 very hungry

A terrified      B starving      C boiling     

5 very big

A boiling      B awful      C enormous     

b Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences with money words.

Example: Could I borrow £10 until tomorrow, please?

A lend      B borrow    C give     

6 I bought this book yesterday. It _____ £20.

A spend      B cost      C costed     

7 This ring isn’t _____ a lot of money, but I love it!

A cost      B afford      C worth     

8 Here’s the money you _____ me last week – thank you.

A lent      B borrowed      C owed     

9 My parents have just finished paying the _____ on their house.

A money      B investment      C mortgage     

10 Is there a cash machine near here? I need to _____ some money.

A take out      B take away      C take off     

c Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences with the missing prepositions.

Example: The train went through the tunnel.

A from      B up      C through   

11 I’ll pay _____ this by credit card.

A at      B for      C with     

12 My brother borrowed £10 _____ me last month.

A from      B by      C to     

13 I paid for dinner _____ cash.

A for      B by      C in     

14 The hotel charged me €25 _____ a two-minute phone call.

A for      B of      C from     

15 Chris still hasn’t paid me _____ the money I lent him!

A up      B back      C with     

d Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences with compound nouns.

Example: Please go to the check-in desk.

A desk    B door      C office     

16 Slow down! The _____ limit here is 40 kph.

A driving      B traffic      C speed     

17 We arrived late because there was a terrible traffic _____.

A jam      B block      C lights     

18 I had to pay a €50 parking _____!

A fine      B fee      C find     

19 I never use public _____. I always go by car.

A bus      B transport      C transports     

20 Before we got on the plane we had to show our _____ cards.

A check-in      B boarding      C ticket     



a Which word has a different sound? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A van      B tram      C lane   

1 A loan      B cost      C owe     

2 A save      B waste      C travel     

3 A charge      B jam      C gate     

4 A paid      B aisle      C tiny     

5 A worth      B lorry      C earn     

b Which is the stressed syllable? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A exciting    B exciting      C exciting     

6 A motorway      B motorway      C motorway     

7 A underground      B underground      C underground     

8 A salary      B salary      C salary     

9 A exhausted      B exhausted      C exhausted     

10 A inherit      B inherit      C inherit     


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