Technical specs for image files File format:. tif или psd

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Technical specs for image files

File format:

.tif или .psd

You can select the format of the file when saving it after scanning or drawing on the computer. When you press the Save/Save as button under the name of the file you can select the type.


300 DPI

This is another point that guarantees the quality if the printed version of your manga. For the purposes of this contest it is advised to have between 200 and  300 DPI with a size A4 or A5 paper.

You can set the resolution and size when starting a new drawing and creating the new file for it, or when scanning a hand drawn drawing.

Important! Changing the resolution of an already saved file with low resolution ( 72 dpi for example ) to e high resolution ( 300 dpi for example ) will not make the image have better quality. Always start/scan each new drawing with high DPI. The big size of an image in pixels ( 1000/900px for example ) also does not necessarily mean high resolution.

You can check if your file has the needed resolution like this: я начин:

With Adobe photoshop: Image-Image size document size: resolution
You will not achieve better quality by changing the numbers in the field from small to big.



Most commonly the color scheme for computers can be separated like Grayscale, CMYK and RGB. Grayscale means a black and white image ( including all shades of gray ) and files with Grayscale can be printed on home printers.

How to set a Grayscale mode in Adobe Photoshop: ImageModeGrayscale/RGB/CMYK-Save



В повечето случай компютърните програми за обработката на рисунки/снимки боравят с понятието „слоеве”(layers) Всеки един обект от рисунката може да бъде отделен в самостоятелен слой, който да съдържа само този обект. Това го прави по-лесен и достъпен за обработка. В много от програмите например, при добавянето на текст, той се обособява в отделен слой. Колкото повече слоеве съдържа един файл, толкова повече информация носи и толкова повече елементи от него могат да бъдат лесно изменени. Размерът на файла в MB също се увеличава пропорционално.

In most cases computer programs for drawings / photographs deal with the concept of "layers". Each object in the drawing can be isolated in a separate layer that contains only that object. This makes it easy for processing. In many programs, for example, adding text is done in a separate layer. The more layers that a file contains, the more information it carries and more elements of it can be easily modified. The file size in MB also increases proportionately.

Example on how to merge layers in Adobe Photoshop:

LayerFlatten Image-Save

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