Translate the words/phrases

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NAME: CLASS NO. Vocabulary Quiz II-03 April 22, 2013 Total: 30pts Gr. A

  1. Translate the words/phrases

  1. подозрителен – suspicious

  2. булка – bride

  3. кум – best man

  4. съхранявам, трупам – store

  5. „благороден дивак” – noble savage

  6. лекувам – treat

  7. площад – square

  8. подпис – signature

  9. монета – coin

  10. моля се (на бог) – pray

  11. поток, течение – stream

  1. Give a synonym

  1. (v.) insult – offend

  2. (n.) wrath – anger

  3. (v./n.) try – attempt

  4. (n.) merchant – trader

  1. Give an antonym

  1. (v.) deposit (money) – take out/withdraw

  2. (v.) soar – fall down, drop, decrease

  3. (adj.) happy, cheerful – upset

  4. (v.) forbid – allow

  1. Fill in the gaps with one word only.

  1. Don’t lend him money – he borrowed from me and never paid it back!

  2. Women often earn less money for doing the same job as men.

  3. Yesterday I discovered that my parents had opened a savings account for me 40 years ago. I have $10,000!

  4. My mother is a doctor at the Mother Care hospital. She has delivered more than a thousand babies!

  5. The United Nations has come up with new strategies to combat poverty.

  6. As far as I am concerned, these weddings are too wacky!

  7. My grandmother always makes me eat more than I can. However, I don’t mind because it’s so tasty!

  8. Yesterday I got fired and then my boyfriend broke up with me. I feel like I’m on the verge of breaking down!

  9. Don’t worry – you can always lean/count on me when you need a shoulder to cry on.

NAME: CLASS NO. Vocabulary Quiz II-03 April 22, 2013 Total: 30pts Gr. B

  1. Translate the words/phrases

  1. kолебание – hesitation

  2. oтровен – poisonous

  3. mладоженец – groom

  4. шаферка – bridesmaid

  5. водорасло – seaweed

  6. потребление – consumption

  7. пушка – rifle

  8. прислужник, слуга – servant

  9. банкнота – banknote, bill

  10. жиля –sting

  11. изхвърляне на боклук (2 думи) – waste disposal

  1. Give a synonym

  1. a salary – wage

  2. for example – for instance

  3. to hurry – to rush

  4. a price reduction – discount

  1. Give an antonym

  1. (adj.) inattentive, lethargic – alert

  2. to last – to continue

  3. (adj.) determined – indecisive

  4. (adj.) worthless – valuable

  1. Fill in the gaps with one word only.

  1. She won some money in the lottery last year and spent most of it on a new flat.

  2. I didn’t want to take a loan from the bank for a new car so I saved up for three years.

  3. A: How much money do I owe you for these products? B: That would be $8.50.

  4. After you took out the costs, how much was the revenue of your company?

  5. This film reminds me very much of “The Matrix”. The characters are almost the same!

  6. When you go hiking, it is important to take suitable shoes with you. Don’t wear any flip-flops or high heels!

  7. Red diamonds are among the rarest precious stones on the Earth.

  8. Do your parents let you sleep at your friend’s house?

  9. Jack and Jill had a huge argument yesterday. They managed to wake up the entire neighbourhood with their shouting.

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