"Kingdom in mathematics" Geometry in kindergarten

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Comenius project “Let’s be Artists in mathematics”

"Kingdom in mathematics"

Geometry in kindergarten

Mathematics education during kindergarten is inextricably linked with other educational domains. It has a considerable influence the development of children. Mathematical knowledge and skills contribute to a better understanding of the contemporary information society and adaptation there. A condition for the successful implementation of the tasks of learning in kindergarten is the presence of cross-curricular connections. It is a necessity to establish a deep relationship of tasks, content forms and methods of training. The continuity is bilateral - the art in mathematics and using mathematics knowledge in art.

The geometric figures, which children are introduced to in kindergarten, are used in mathematics education with different purposes - illustrating some mathematically ideas which have essential importance. The content of these ideas is presented in the form of logic exercises and games. They contribute to the realization of solid logical and the mathematical preparation of the children for the learning of mathematics in primary school. Children learn basic knowledge and skills in mathematics, whilst developing their personality and mental abilities. The ability to perform mental operations, such as these, should be formed in the children: analysis, synthesis, abstraction, generalization, comparison and more. Geometric shapes, different color, shape, size, thickness are rich to make such mental activity.

Geometry in kindergarten should be studied in two ways:

-as a sensor calibration measure for comparing and exploring objects from the outside world

-as mathematical objects that need to be formed and concepts presented to them.

Stages for recognizing geometric shapes in kindergarten:

- manipulative stage - up to 3 years

- comparing and summarizing the shape of objects with object references, separation of the object- from 4-5 years

- comparison and aggregation of objects (visual or perceptive) through common standards for form - 5-6 years.

National Educational Standards for preschool education in the subject "Mathematics" chapter "Plain shapes and forms"

Children 3-4 years

1. Identification of the shapes: circle and square;

2. Detection of objects with circular and square shape;

3. Practical modeling of geometrical objects.

Children 4-5 years

1. Identification of the shapes: circle, square and triangle;

2. Identifying and naming the shape of an object (round, square or triangular);

3. Practical modeling of geometrical objects from a template or own design;

4. Continue algorithmic sequences of known geometry.

Children 5-6 years

1. Identification and naming of the geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle;

2. Distinguishing and naming parts (apexes and sides) of the shapes: triangle, square and rectangle;

3. Compare and classify objects using geometry shapes as a model;

4. Practical modeling of geometrical objects (5 or 10 numbers) from a template or own design;

5. Combining, modeling or transformation of familiar shapes.

Children 6-7 years

1. Identification, naming, comparing and modeling of the flat geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle and rectangle;

2. Identification of geometric shapes in the environment;

3. Compare and classify objects by shape;

4. Combining and modeling using geometric shapes.


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Kindergarten “Sinchec” , BULGARIA

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