Ultrasound Ampoule Treatment

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Ultrasound Ampoule Treatment

This is a modern ampoule treatment for the skin. It affects the skin in depth. Ampoules used vary by their action – strong hydration, nourishment, antioxidant, lifting, anti-aging, whitening, antibacterial, and others. Ampoules are chosen on an individual basis based on skin type and age. Ampoule treatment is recommended after facial cleansing in order to achieve best results.

Treatment duration is 10 minutes, while its effects last approximately a month.

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Glycolic acid:

It is derived from sugar cane.

It has revolutionized the cosmetics industry worldwide.
Smaller molecular weight = Greater penetrating power
Provides turgidity and density for skin.

Provides even skin complexion.

Reduces depth of wrinkles.
Reduces fibrotic scars.
Depending on the quantity and location of melanin, reduces or completely removes hyperpigmentation.
Lactic acid
Alpha hydroxy acid is derived from milk products (fermented milk)
More suitable for more mature skin.
Stimulates the fibers of the dermis.
Provides a lighter exfoliating effect.
Improves the structure of the epidermis.
A major factor for skin hydration.
Gives shine and uniform skin color.
Recommended for sensitive skin because of the more gentle peeling effect.
Almond acid
It is derived from bitter almonds.
Ideal for aging, hyperpigmented and oily skin.
Contributes to mild and progressive exfoliation of the skin.
Gives excellent results.
Depigmentation and antiseptic effect.
Stimulates the renewal of tissues.
Stimulates collagen synthesis.
Acts superficially and does not cause redness (erythema).

Salicylic acid

Beta-hydroxy acid derived from the bark of the weeping willow.
Liposoluble with action.
Regulates sebum, has bacteriostatic and antiseptic properties.
Contains the spread of acne.
Prevents lipogenesis. Monitors and regulates the sebum.
Stimulates the recovery of tissues.
Soothes and improves the structure of oily skin.
Stimulates collagen synthesis and slows the onset of aging.


More firm skin.
Thicker skin and better complexion.
Smoother and more shiny skin.
Disappearance of superficial wrinkles and evening out of deeper ones.
Removal and evening out of skin spots and other skin defects.


• Retinol treatments (minimum 6 months following your last retinol treatment)

• Taking retinol medications

• Ongoing herpes simplex infection

• Pregnancy

• Tendency to develop hypertrophic scars and wounds

• Photosensitivity

• Hypersensitivity


• Previous surgery in the area to be subjected to peeling (at least 2 weeks after surgery)

Advantages to peeling:

• Can be applied to any skin type.

• Perfectly suited for face and body.

• Treatment is fast, easy and painless.

• Visible result right after the first treatment.

• Does not involve a recovery period.


• Recommended is a minimum of 6 treatments.

• An interval of 2 to 4 weeks between treatments

• Maintenance treatment – 1 treatment every 6 or 12 months.

Latest Treatments


During the summer we are exposed to the aggressive effect of the sun. The adverse effects on the skin are visible. Angel Face offers complete skin care and rehabilitation.

Autumn is a transitional season of the year, one which must be used to recover from the damage done to the skin during the summer and get ourselves ready for the winter season.

Whitening Treatment with Vitamin C краставична киселина for Face, Neck and Cleavage

Whitening treatment with краставичната киселина and vitamin C is targeted at skin having pigmentation spots and uneven complexion. The treatment is an efficient solution in the fight against unwanted pigmentation of the face.

Most often the reasons for pigmentation spots are excessive exposure to sunlight, aging, pregnancy and excessive production of melanin in the body.
The treatment evens out spots, gives lighter complexion and restores the skin’s radiance.
Thanks to the unique combination of lightening treatment with fruit extracts and whitening formula with краставична киселина and vitamin C, you can enjoy the results you deserve!

Price : 46.00 BGN

Hair Treatment

Angel Face offers hair care to restore your hair’s vitality. Hair also needs to be cared for, expecially after the summer season. Sunlight and frequent washing reduce the water balance of the hair and also contribute to the skin losing its structure and elasticity. Hair looks fatigued and lifeless.

The treatment intensively repairs the hair, gives it vitality and shine. The essential oils and proteins invigorate the hair, while its structure is recovered and acid balance normalized.

Hair is left soft and silky smooth.

Price : 16.00 BGN

Pomegranate and Fig Treatment for Hands

The specially selected hands treatment with pomegranate and fig extracts has exceptional moisturizing effects. The treatment restores the hands’ elasticity and their own revitalizing properties.

The peeling exfoliates gently and leaves a feeling of freshness and smoothness. The mask softens and nourishes in depth. The massage that follows removes the signs of fatigue, eases and gives an incredible feeling of relaxation.

Price : 16.00 BGN

Intensive Exfoliating and Nourishing Body Treatment with Papaya and Guava.

Fresh fruit aroma of papaya takes you to the Hawaiian paradise. You feel seductively beautiful, well cared for and relaxed, as if you’ve spent the day on the islands.
The peeling cleans the skin in depth, while the mask improves the skin’s structure and hydrates it.
The spectacular massage will give you the relaxation you’ve been looking for.


Price : 58.00 BGN

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Individual Treatments

For Her

Nourishing Milk and Honey Massage for Face, Neck and Cleavage

Nourishing Milk and Honey Massage for Body

Nourishing Spa Treatment for Body with Milk and Honey

Spa Manicure and Pedicure with Milk and Honey

For Him

Regenerating and Refreshing Facial Massage with Red Grapes

Regenerating Body Massage with Red Grapes

Wine Spa Body Therapy with red Grapes

Spa Manicure and Pedicure with Red Grapes

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Luxury Package

Chocolate Delight

For Him

Spa Facial Treatment with Chocolate

Spa Body Treatment with Chocolate

Spa Manicure with Chocolate

Spa Pedicure with Chocolate

Package price 155.00 BGN

Additional extras – sauna with aromatherapy

Luxury and Shine with Gold

For Her

Spa Treatment with Gold for Face, Neck and Cleavage

Spa Body Treatment with Gold

Spa Manicure with Gold

Spa Pedicure with Gold

Package price 155.00 BGN

Package extras – sauna with aromatherapy

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Special Occasion Package

Beautiful for the Occasion

For Him

Refreshing Treatment for Face (with vitamins E, C and retinol)

Toning Body Massage with White Musk


Package price 98.00 BGN

Package extras – hairstyling appointment

For Her

Refreshing Face Treatment with 90% Sea Collagen and Vitamin C

Professional makeup

Manicure with Stylish Decorations

Special Occasion Hairstyling

Package price 158.00 BGN

Package extras – body massage

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Wedding Gifts

For Him

This package will make you feel most attractive on your wedding day. You will feel refreshed and well toned, with the self esteem of a well cared for modern man.

Be your best on the most special of days.

Refreshing Facial Treatment for Your Wedding Day

Manicure and Pedicure

Toning White Musk Massage

Package price 127.00 BGN

For Her

To be the most beautiful bride in the world is every woman’s dream. Angel Face’s wedding package gives you this confidence.

Our specialists will choose a set of shades that go well on you, to make your makeup most special and your hairstyle unforgettable. French manicure and pedicure will give your overall appearance a nice stylish finish.

Be beautiful and stylish on the most important day of your life.

French Manicure

French Pedicure

Professional Makeup

Stylish Wedding Hairstyling

Refreshing Facial Treatment

Package price – 225,00 BGN


  1. Ultrasound Facial Cleansing 30.00 BGN

To have visibly cleaner and smoother skin, soft and gentle to the touch.
Angel Face beauty salons offer the most modern method for facial ultrasound cleansing. Ultrasound peeling acts in depth, removes dead cells and comedones - the skin regenerates, softens and refreshes. It gives us deeper cleansing without the redness and scars.

Ultrasound treatment has an incredible effect even on the most sensitive skin types. Is there anything more soothing than the feeling of clean skin, breathing freely. Angel Face beauty salons will surpass your expectations!

  1. Ultrasound Back Cleansing 40.00 BGN

Ultrasound back cleansing is another very important treatment. What makes it so significant is that during the winter season, the skin becomes exhausted, oily secretion increases and the pores become clogged. Because of this, it is recommended that back cleansing be performed twice a year – once before the summer season, and another time afterwards. Problematic skin warrants more regular treatments.

Ultrasound back cleansing guarantees purity and smoothness of the skin, leaving you ready to enjoy the summer and winter seasons with beautiful and radiant skin.

  1. Hydrating Treatment for Face, Neck and Cleavage with Water Lily Extracts 46.00 BGN

Essentially the treatment is based on particularly delicate flower fragrances – water lily.

Sensual and sophisticated, water lily massage gives you universal impact and complex care for the skin.
Due to the firming effect and its moisturizing action, the treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Water lily massage is indispensable because of its ability to remove fatigue and give skin a feeling of extra comfort. Water lily extract revitalizes the skin and brings un unforgettable feeling of freshness. All this you can find at Angel Face beauty salons.

  1. Facial Anti-wrinkle Massage with Black Caviar Extract and Sea Collagen 30.00 BGN

Whether it’s coupled with champagne or vodka, everyone enjoys the exquisite taste of caviar. And now you can also find it in cosmetics. It’s rich in protein and amino acids and acts as a barrier for free radicals, which reduces skin aging. The sea is home to a lot of mysteries and … a lot of beauty. Discover the mystery of black caviar with Angel Face beauty salon’s Black Caviar Massage!

Дали с шампанско, дали с водка, всички нации се наслаждават на изискания вкус на хайвера. Сега той присъства и в козметиката. Той е богат на протеини и аминокиселини и е бариера за свободните радикали, която забавя стареенето на кожата. Морето крие много тайни и ... много красота. А тайните на черния хайвер можете да откриете в масажа с черен хайвер в салони за красота Angel Face!
The anti-wrinkle treatment with black caviar extract and sea collagen, which you can find in Angle Face beauty salons, is a procedure which utilizes caviar extract in its purest form to achieve augmentation in skin elasticity and vitality.

Процедурата против бръчки с екстракт от черен хайвер и морски колаген в салони за красота Angel Face е процедура, която използва хайверен екстракт в най-чистата му и концентрирана форма, като подобрява жизнеността и еластичността на кожата.

  1. Oxygen mesotherapy for face 150 BGN.

Oxygen mesotherapy with 98% pure oxygen, hyaluronic acid and multivitamins – discover the amazing power of pure oxygen! Incredible hydration, freshness, shine, lifting and anti-wrinkle effects
Кислородна мезотерапия с 98% чист кислород, хиалурон и мултивитамини - открийте изумителната сила на чистия кислород! Невероятна хидратация, свежест, блясък, лифтинг и антибръчки ефект

6. SPA manicure and SPA pedicure 65 BGN

This procedure begins with a relaxing salt bath. Next comes the removal of dead cells by means of exfoliation with sugar crystals and application of a hydrating and nourishing mask. At this point the nails are shaped and the cuticles around them are taken care of. Massaging the hands and feet with aromatic oil relieves fatigue and has a softening effect on the skin. The well-chosen nail polish is the perfect finish to any manicure and pedicure. At Angel Face beauty salons it’s our job to make your hands and feet look irresistible so that you can enjoy that heightened sense of self-esteem that comes with beauty.

Процедурата започва с релаксираща вана със соли. Продължаваме с отстраняване на мъртвите клетки, ексфолираме със захарни кристали и нанасяме маска за хидратация и подхранване. След това прецизно се оформят ноктите, като се обръща внимание и на кутикулата около тях. Премахваме умората на краката и ръцете чрез масаж с ароматни масла, които имат омекотяващ ефект върху кожата. Добре подбрания лак придава завършен вид на маникюра и педикюра. В салони за красота Angel Face повдигаме вашето самочувствие, като правим ръцете и краката ви привлекателни.

7. Aquirium nail plastics 100 BGN

Its effect is that the decoration appears to be inside the nail itself. During the procedure (the making of nail plastics) a drawing is created with colored acrylic powder, then it is decorated with artificial stones and brocades, after which the nail is varnished with an acrylic coating. The nail is polished and shaped to appear natural. At this point the nail coating with no additional design is as smooth as a natural nail. This design’s advantage is that it proves to be very robust. You will be able to enjoy it, as long as your long nails. This type of nail can also be covered in varnish. If at any given moment you decide to remove the varnish you will unveil the decoration that lies beneath it in the same state it was before you had them varnished.

Представлява украса в центъра на нокътя. По време на процедурата (изграждане или изработване на ноктопластика) се създава рисунка с цветна акрилова пудра, украсява се с изкуствени камъни и брокати, след което нокътят се лакира с акрилово покритие. Нокътят се полира и му се придава естествена форма. Покритието е също толкова гладко като естественото без дизайн. Предимството на този дизайн е че той е доста издръжлив. Ще му се радвате толкова, колкото издържат и дългите ви нокти. Такъв нокът може също да се покрие с лак. Ако в следващия момент решите да премахнете лака, то отдолу ще откриете запазена все същата украса.

8. Relaxing body massage with rosemary 30 BGN

Rosemary is relaxing and fatigue-relieving. Its color is blue, the symbol for meditation and deep relaxation. The specific aroma has an impact on the senses, allowing you to escape from reality. This massage will help you relax and leave your body with a sense of wellbeing.

Той е отпускащ и отморяващ. Неговият цвят е син, символа на съзерцанието и дълбоката почивка. Специфичният аромат има влияние върху сетивата, което ви позволява да се откъснете от реалността. Този масаж ще ви помогне да се отпуснете и ще остави тялото ви с чувство за благосъстояние.

9. Deep cleansing and moisturizing body treatment with seaweed 58 BGN

Inspired by the positivity of the seabed, where you can find only calmness and tranquility, this treatment will help you ease your muscles. The seaweed massage has a detoxifying effect and moisturizes the skin in depth. The aim is to ease muscle tension, to restore the skin’s natural elasticity and the feeling of pleasure.

Той е вдъхновен от положителното влияние на морското дъно, което позволява да откриете спокойствието, да отпусните мускулите. Масажът с водорасли има детоксична функция и силно хидратира кожата. Целта е да се разсеят мускулните напрежения, да се възвърне еластичността на кожата и усещането за удоволствие.

10. Professional makeup by Dior и Chanel 60 BGN

Mastering light and playing with shadows - an ancient art. This is the art of beauty, the pursuit of every woman. At Angel Face beauty salons you can fulfill your desire. Our makeup artists will impress you with their incredible professionalism and insight towards the secrets of successful makeup.

Да овладееш светлината, да играеш със сенките – едно древно изкуство.

Това е изкуството на красотата, към която се стреми всяка жена. В салони за красота Angel Face може да изпълним това ваше желание. Гримьорите ще Ви впечатлят със своя невероятен професионализъм, защото те знаят тайните за успешния грим.

The first step towards beauty is creating a perfect tan, which makes every skin type look outstanding. The eyes – a detail not to be overlooked, in order to look impressing and captivating. And the lips for temptation and seduction.

Първият жест на красотата е създаването на перфектния тен, за да изглежда всяка кожа съвършена .Очите – акцентът, без който не можем. За да бъде погледът впечатляващ и пленителен. И устните за изкушение съблазъм.

Whether it’s day, night, a business meeting or any other special occasion, the professional makeup by Dior and Channel in Angel Face beauty salons gives you confidence and positive appeal.

Професионалния грим с Dior и Channel в салони за красота Angel Face може да е дневен, вечерен, делови или просто за Вашия повод, но винаги ще Ви дава самочувствие и настроение.

11. Permanent makeup
Permanent (durable) makeup is possible through a procedure called micropigmentation in which an organic pigment is embedded beneath the skin to add permanent color, having a resemblance with tattoos, but lasting only 3-4 years. With time, skin cell rejuvenation causes the colors to fade. The procedure involves the use of a very thin needle that punctures the outer skin layer. Pigments are hypoallergenic, clinically tested and completely harmless. Direct sunlight should be avoided for eight days post procedure, because the pigment darkens under UV rays.

Перманентният (трайният) грим или микропигментацията е процедура, при която естествени оцветители се инжектират между дермата и епидермата, определено има прилика с татуировката, но трайността му е не повече от 3-4 години. С времето и обновяването на клетките цветът избледнява. За изработката му се използват много тънки игли, които навлизат в най-горния слой на кожата. Оцветителите са хипоалергични, клинично тествани и напълно безвредни. Осем дни слънцето трябва да се избягва, защото пигментите потъмняват от ултравиолетовите лъчи.

Възможностите на перманентния грим
Applications for permanent makeup
Eyebrows - 240 BGN
Very thin eyebrows went out of fashion and have been replaced with thicker ones. But if you have been thinning them for a long time, they no longer grow. Therefore in such cases micropigmentation is the answer. The eyebrows are outlined with a pencil, then contoured with a coloring agent. Next the hairs are drawn inside the outline. The result resembles that of eyebrow enhancement with a pencil.

Много тънките вежди излязоха от мода и бяха заменени от по-плътни. Но ако дълго време сте ги изтънявали, те вече не растат. Затова микропигментацията е незаменима в подобни случаи. Първо веждите се очертават с молив, после се поставя контурът с оцветител. Следва рисуването на косъмчетата във вътрешността на линията. Резултатът наподобява подсилването или рисуването с молив.

Lips- 300 BGN

Permanent makeup is ideal when your lips are too thin, have a vague outline or you just want to enhance their natural color. The technique is similar to that used for eyebrows. You can choose a color that matches your lips exactly or one that is more saturated than your lip color.

Перманентният грим е идеален, когато устните ви са много тънки, очертанията неясни или искате да подсилите естествения им цвят. Техниката е подобна на тази при веждите. Изберете цвят идентичен или малко по-наситен от този на устните ви.

12. Eyelash extensions and thickening 20 BGN

Eyelash extension is one of many semi-permanent accessories available to the modern woman. By using eyelash extensions you can give your eyes an incredibly expressive look. Extensions are typically 50% or 30% longer than your natural lashes and have a shelf life of approximately 20 days.

Удължаването на миглите е още един полуперманентен аксесоар на разположение на модерната жена. Удължавайки миглите си можете да придадете на очите си невероятен изразителен вид. Обикновено удължителите са с 50% или 30% по-дълги от естествените ви мигли и са с трайност около 20 дни.

13.Glitter body tattoos 14 BGN

Be interesting, different and appealing
За да сте винаги интересни, различни и желани

14. Special occasion hairstyle (официална проческа) 60 BGN




1. Ultrasound Face Cleansing BGN 30

To have visibly cleaner and smoother skin, soft and gentle to the touch.

To have visibly cleaner and smoother skin, soft and gentle to the touch.

Angel Face beauty salons offer the most modern method for facial ultrasound cleansing. Ultrasound peeling acts in depth, removes dead cells and comedones - the skin regenerates, softens and refreshes. It gives us deeper cleansing without the redness and scars.

Ultrasound treatment has an incredible effect even on the most sensitive skin types. Is there anything more soothing than the feeling of clean skin, breathing freely. Angel Face beauty salons will surpass your expectations!

2. Ultrasound Back Treatment BGN 40

Ultrasound back cleansing is another very important treatment. What makes it so significant is that during the winter season, the skin becomes exhausted, oily secretion increases and the pores become clogged. Because of this, it is recommended that back cleansing be performed twice a year – once before the summer season, and another time afterwards. Problematic skin warrants more regular treatments.

Ultrasound back cleansing guarantees purity and smoothness of the skin, leaving you ready to enjoy the summer and winter seasons with beautiful and radiant skin.

3. Nourishing body massage with white musk 30 лв.

Strength and masculinity is what white musk is all about, and for centuries it has been the preferred aroma of kings.

Suitable for men this massage stimulates the senses and refreshes the skin. Nourishing and highly moisturizing. Indulge in the deep, relaxing white musk massage in Angel Face beauty salons.

4.In-depth Hydrating Treatment For Body With Papaya BGN 58

The fruity fresh aroma of the papaya treatment will teleport you to a Hawaiian paradise. The treatment will give you a feeling of seductive beauty, refreshed and relaxed as if you have spent the day on the island. Pealing cleanses in-depth and exfoliates the skin, while the mask improves its structure and moisturizes it.

This incredible massage offers you the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Плодовият свеж аромат на терапията с папая за тяло Ви отвежда в хавайския рай. Чувствате се съблазнително красиви, поддържани и релаксирани, като след прекаран ден на острова.
Пилингът почиства и ексфолира кожата в дълбочина, маската подобрява структурата и я хидратира.
Невероятният масаж Ви дава почивката от която се нуждаете.

5.Manicure and pedicure BGN 41

There is no denying that one of the first things to leave an impression when socializing with other people is the condition of your hands and nails. This makes caring for them all worthwhile and very important.

At Angel Face beauty salons our team of highly trained professionals can shape your nails to give them an immaculate tidy appearance. After shaping the nails comes the next most important step in manicure and pedicure – preparing the cuticles by means of pushing or clipping. Angel Face beauty salons offer you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful manicure, pedicure and well-kept hands, because we know that professional hand and nail treatment is key to every man’s and woman’s appearance.

Не може да се отрече , че едно от първите неща,които правят впечатление при общуването с хората е състоянието на ръцете и ноктите.Затова грижата за тях е много важна.
Професионалистите в салони за красота Аngel Face умеят да придават желаната форма на ноктите , така че да изглеждат перфектно.След оформянето на ноктите друга важна част от маникюра и педикюра е обработването – избутването или изрязването на кутикулата.
Красив педикюр, маникюр и поддържани ръце – ето какво предлагат салони за красота Angel Face , защото ние гледаме на професионалната грижа на ръцете и краката като част от визията на всеки мъж и всяка жена.



  1. Antioxidant treatment for body with chocolate and cocoa 58 BGN

Immerse yourself in a world of pleasure and self-indulgence with Angel Face beauty salons chocolate massage. This massage will relieve your stress and you will achieve inner calmness. Chocolate is a powerful antioxidant, one which also nourishes your skin. Treat your body and mind with the beneficial effects of chocolate and cocoa.

2. Antioxidant facial treatment with chocolate and cocoa 38 BGN

It is well known, that chocolate and the cocoa that it’s made of in particular, is rich in mood-enhancing ingredients that boost your spirits and act soothing. Cocoa contains many antioxidants, which is the secret to young skin. It is long known, that not only the taste, but the aroma of chocolate has a positive effect on emotions, sooths, and creates a sense of inner harmony and comfort. Cocoa butter contains unique and irreplaceable cosmetic qualities. It hydrates, softens and rejuvenates the skin, giving it shine and smoothness.

The chocolate massage enhances your skin’s elasticity and makes it silky smooth.

Immerse yourself in a chocolate fairytale, which will make your skin shine and award you with spiritual delight.

3. Hydrating SPA hand and feet treatment with chocolate and cocoa. BGN 36 лв.

Immerse your hands and feet in the luxury of chocolate. This relaxing SPA therapy will help you relax, both physically and mentally. The refreshing chocolate bath assists in the removal of corns and calluses (hard skin). The chocolate and the aromatic oils refresh your feet with their deodorizing qualities, while the vegetable oils penetrate deep into the skin, thus hydrating it. The feet are soaked, so that you can relax, alleviate stress and fatigue. This therapy is the ideal end to a busy and frustrating day!


  1. Wine body therapy with red grapes for nourishing and restoring elasticity of the skin 58 BGN

Do you want to nourish your skin? Angel Face beauty salons offer you aromatic pleasure and softness with its body massage with red grapes. Its active ingredients rejuvenate the epidermis and contribute to the removal of excess fluids and toxins. The grapes have an intensive antioxidant, anti-aging and nourishing effect, making the skin feel incredibly soft, smooth and luminous.

2. Regenerating facial therapy with red grape BGN 38

This therapy is created and developed especially for male skin. It is inspired by the lifestyle of the modern man, who takes cares of his appearance.

This therapy conforms entirely to the needs of the male skin. Its purpose is to remove wrinkles and reduce dark spots and eye bags. The therapy regenerates and hydrates the skin by giving it energy and vitality.

The procedure is specially formulated for any man, that wants to look and feel good.

Give yourself confidence and self-esteem with Angel Face.

3. Nourishing SPA Therapy for Hands and Feet with Red Grapes BGN 36


Package price BGN 138

  • Sauna with aromatherapy for two

  • Face massage by choice for two

  • Whole body massage by choice for two

Angel Face beauty salons in Varna, Sofia and Bourgas offer you the opportunity to surprise the ones you love with an incredible Christmas present – a gift voucher for a procedure.

Our beauty salon gift vouchers will completely indulge that special person in your life with unforgettable moments of beautification and relaxation. Your gift present can be ordered with a personal message or greeting.

The gift vouchers are available for a single procedure, a package of procedures and a range of cash values so that the recipient can choose from our catalogue of procedures. Vouchers expire one year from the day of issue.

Салони за красота Angel face във Варна, София и Бургас Ви предлагат невероятен коледен подарък за любимите Ви хора – ваучер за процедура.

С този ваучер за подарък имате възможност да доставите на любимия човек мигове на релакс и разкрасяване. Вашият подарък може да съдържа персонално послание или пожелание.

Ваучерът може да включва избрана от вас процедура, пакет от процедури или конкретна сума, като човекът на когото подарявате може сам да си избере процедури от нашият каталог. Ваучерът има годност една година от датата на закупуване.

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