Задача по информатика и ит. Подробно е описан пример за нестандартна задача с няколко

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3 6 Karapeeva Terzieva Rahnev 211 220
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Пловдивски университет „Паисий Хилендарски“
Факултет по математика и информатика
4003 Пловдив, бул. „България“ № 236 e-mail:v.karapeeva@gmail.com

Веселина Карапеева, Тодорка Терзиева, Асен Рахнев
Veselina Karapeeva, Todorka Terzieva, Asen Rahnev
Abstract: Tasks have a special role to play in computer science and IT training - they can be a
learning tool. The subject of our research is the notion of a non-standard task in the Informatics and
IT training of the secondary school, and its main features have been studied and presented. A
comparative analysis of different points of view is made. Particular attention is paid to the stages of
solving a non-standard task in Informatics and IT. An example of a non-standard task with several
different solutions is described in detail. This methodical approach creates conditions for the
formation and development of creative thinking, avoiding the template and the stereotypes in solving a
task. In this way, skills are developed to look for different solutions and apply the acquired knowledge
and skills to new situations that may be related to real life. On the other hand, it is possible to use
different and original ways of solving, which show an unconventional way of thinking.
Keywords: non-standard task, Informatics and IT training, Informatics and IT tasks

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