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Exam vendor note: Candidates MUST contact Siemens before they can register for or schedule an exam with VUE and must pass the Siemens admission test via the Web. After the candidate has passed the admission test, an authorization record is automatically entered into the VUE database within five minutes. This authorization record contains the candidate's first and last name and his or her unique Siemens candidate ID. The record allows the candidate to register for a specific Siemens exam—a candidate cannot register for a Siemens exam unless he or she already has a record in the VUE database that contains a Siemens ID.
Contact Siemens using one of these methods:

�� visiting the Siemens Web site at http://www.siemens.com/index.jsp

�� visiting the Siemens HiPath Web site at


�� visiting the Siemens AG HiPath Certification Web site at


Данни за издаване на фактура на корпоративни клиенти

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Таксата за явяване на изпит може да бъде преведена по банкова сметка:

Централна Кооперативна Банка АД

Сметка: BG15 CECB 9790 1059 3050 00, BIC: CECBBGSF

Получател: ПАС ИТ ЕООД

Основание: Такса за явяване на изпит: …………………. (или цитирайте номер на фактура)

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You can withdraw your application no lately than 2 business days from your scheduled time.

Please fill this form and send it back to: certification@passit.bg.

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