1. Do you live in Madrid? A

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Тестът е разделен на 2 части. Част първа ( PART 1 ) включва нивата: Beginner ,Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, част втора ( PART 2 ) включва нивата: Upper – intermediate и Advanced. Не е нужно да решавате и двете части, а само тази, покриваща нивата между които се колебаете.

1. Do you live in Madrid?
A. Yes, I live.

B. Yes, I do.

C. Yes, I am.

D. Yes, I does.

2. How old are you?

A. I have 21 years old.
B. I am 21 years old.
C. No, I'm not.
D. I have 21 years.

3. Do you have a sister?

A. No, I haven't.
B. No, I don't.
C. No, I doesn't.
D. No, I don't have.

A. Where are they of?
B. Where is they from?
C. Where are they from?
D. Where are you from?              - They are from Brazil.

A. What's her job?
B. What's she job?
C. What's his job?
D. What do she job?                            - She's a teacher.

A. Do you live in a house or a flat?
B. Does you live in a house or a flat?
C. Are you live in a house or a flat?
D. Live you in a house or a flat?                       - In a flat.

Rewrite these sentences for he . Препишете изреченията за „ той „
Example:   I like playing football
He likes playing football

7. I don't like playing squash.     ______________________

8. I often go to the cinema.     ______________________

Change these sentences to negative Направете изреченията отрицателни.
Example:   We live in Madrid
We don't live in Madrid

9. I like cheese.     ______________________

10. She has an old house.     ______________________

11.Преценете дали изреченията са правилни или грешни. Напишете правилните думи

  1. He not lives in Madrid - ______________________

  2. How much it costs? - ______________________

  3. My uncle has 25 years old- ______________________

  4. Where did you went at the weekend? - ______________________

  5. What's your job?  I'm a policeman. - ______________________

  6. Do you like your new job?  Yes, I like - ______________________

12.Подредете изреченията в правилния словоред
Example:   He football playing likes
He likes playing football

1. London a city very is big

2. beach sometimes I go in to summer the

3. 12 people there in are class our

4. spell How you city do?

13.Съставете въпросителни изречения за следните положителни изречения:
Example:   We live in Madrid
Where do you live?

1. This is my book.
      Whose ______________________

2. We found it in the street.
      Where ______________________

3. Sarah is playing basketball.
      What ______________________

4. She broke her leg yesterday.
      How ______________________

14. How long have you been living in Madrid?

A. for 5 years
B. since 5 years
C. 5 years ago
D. in 5 years

15. Did you have lunch at home yesterday?

A. No, I haven't
B. No, I hadn't
C. No, I don't
D. No, I didn't

16. Where do you live?

A. At 45 Green Street, London
B. On 45 Green Street, London
C. In 45 Green Street, London
D. From 45 Green Street, London

A. Do you can change this $5 note?
B. Have you change for this $5 note?
C. Do you have got change for this $5 note?
D. Have you got change for this $5 note?

                         - No, I'm sorry. I haven't got any change.

What would you do if you win the lottery?
B. What do you do if you win the lottery?
C. What will you do if you won the lottery?
D. What would you do if you won the lottery?

                                                                - Buy a big house

Do you have lobster for dinner?
B. Have you ever had lobster for dinner?
C. Have you lobster for dinner?
D. Did you have got lobster for dinner

     - Yes, I have

20.Преценете дали изреченията са правилни или грешни. Напишете правилните думи
Brighton is in the coast of England - ______________________

My uncle born in Liverpool - ______________________

21.Поставете изреченията в правилния словоред .
you have had holiday yet a?


20 it to get takes minutes to work


22.Направете изреченията отрицателни .

I've already been to the bank
      I  ______________________

I need some money

      I  ______________________

23. I've got a BMW. I've had it   __________

A. for 5 years

B. since 5 years
C. 5 years ago
D. in 5 years

24. I've   __________   washed my hair

A. yet
B. still

C. ever
D. already

A. Where has David been on holiday?
B. Where has David gone on holiday?
C. Where has David been going on holiday?
D. Where did David go on holiday?
                                                                     - He's in London

26ж. They invited us  __________  a meal with them
A. having
B. have
C. to have
D. have had

27. Why are you putting on your coat?

A. Because I'll take the dog for a walk

B. Because I took the dog for a walk
C. Because I've taken the dog for a walk
D. Because I'm going to take the dog for a walk


Rewrite these sentences so they mean the same as the first. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORM OF THE GIVEN WORD.
Example:  There is no point in seeing that film

                    That film isn't worth seeing

1. He doesn't like cricket.


    Cricket  ……………………………………….   him.

2. The last time she went to the cinema was ages ago.


    She  ……………………………………….   ages.

3. It's great you brought your cheque book or we
    wouldn't have been able to buy the car.

    We wouldn't have been able to buy the car.

    ……………………………………….  your cheque book.

4. The president should lower taxes.


    If  ……………………………………….   lower taxes.

5. My parents didn't allow me to stay up late when I
    was young.


    My parents  ………………………………………. stay up late when I was young.

6. A motor bike is cheaper than a car.


    A motor bike doesn't cost  ………………………………………. a car.

7. First we had dinner at home and then we went to the


    We went to the theatre, but before that ……………………………………….   dinner.

8. It was a bad idea to buy that second hand car, it has
    given me nothing but trouble.


    I  ………………………………………. that second hand car, it has given me nothing but trouble.

9 - 15. Put the verb (in brackets) in the correct tense in
            this postcard:
Example:   John
visited (visit) his friends last weekend

This is the most beautiful country I've ever  ________   (be) to, however our accommodation could  ________  (be) better. Yesterday a strange thing happened. While we ________ (walking) along the main high street a man came out of his restaurant and asked us if we ________  (want) to eat there. We  ________ (receive) a similar offer from 2 other restaurateurs before this, but we  ________ (not accept) their offers. On this occasion we did, but once inside in the establishment we wished we ________   (not go) in. It was a snake restaurant, the only thing on the menu was every kind of snake you can imagine.

Choose the correct option: A, B, C or D:

A. What's like the weather?

B. How's the weather?
C. What's the weather like?
D. How the weather is?

A. She especially likes her garden very much in the summer.
B. She especially likes very much her garden in the summer.
C. She likes her garden very much especially in the summer.
D. In the summer she especially likes her garden very much.

18. He's looking forward   ..........   that film

A. to see
B. seeing
C. see
D. to seeing

19.   ..........   is it from London to Manchester?

A. How far
B. How long
C. How much
D. How many

20. I   ..........   it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm going for a picnic

A. expect
B. hope
C. wait
D. await

21. I   ..........   getting up at 08.00. It's not as difficult as I thought

A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

22. I wouldn't mind   ..........   tonight

A. to go out
B. go out
C. going out
D. to going out

23. Don't forget   ..........   those letters

A. to post
B. posting
C. to posting
D. post

24. They   ..........   last night, but I'm not sure

A. may arrive
B. might arrive
C. should arrive
D. may have arrived

25. I couldn't mend the TV myself, so I   ..........   at a shop

A. had it mended
B. had it mend
C. did it mend
D. had mended

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