Fundraising and project coordination

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БлуЛинк информационна мрежа

София 1421, ул. “Капитан Андреев” 22-24, тел. +359 887 584568, факс 865 28 60,


BlueLink – the electronic communication network of Bulgarian environmental NGOs – invites applicants for the position of an expert in “Fundraising and Project Coordination”.

He/she would work with a focus on fundraising. Additional tasks will include support for the implementation of current and future projects of BlueLink, in line with the network’s strategy.

The applicants should preferably have a working experience with successful fundraising and an interest to work in the civil society sector. Initiative to assist civil activities is encouraged. BlueLink highly values the communicative approach to partners, capability to work in a team and willingness to search for innovative solutions to problems and needs of the Bulgarian civil society in the cross-cutting area of ITC and environment.

We are looking for a team-member, to be based in our office in Sofia on a full-time basis.

BlueLink offers: work in a dynamic and motivated team, opportunities for travel, networking and professional development, a net monthly salary between BGN 800-1000 on a labour contract.


• Project proposals writing skills/experience;

• Very good organization and coordination skills;
• Capable to handle multiple projects simultaneously;
• Ability to work under pressure and to meet strict deadlines;
• General office management and technical skills, including: work with office equipment, computer literacy (text editing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, Internet and e-mail software);
• Excellent command of English and Bulgarian;
• Willingness to travel on occasional basis in Bulgaria and abroad;
• Willing to learn and acquire new skills;
• Nature-related interests like wind sailing, mountaineering, bird watching or other are an asset.

To apply, please email to by Wednesday, December 15, 2010:

-    a letter of interest, describing your idea and preferences to contribute to BlueLink’s work in Bulgaria and the region in accordance with its long-term strategy;

-    a recent CV

In the SUBJECT of the application please indicate: REF: EXPERT FUNDRAISING AND PROJECT COORDINATION.

For more information, please call: +359 887 584568

БлуЛинк - Информационна мрежа е създадена през юни 1998 г. от: ЕКО-КЛУБ 2000, Еко-клуб “Тера” - Благоевград, Обществен център за околна среда и устойчиво развитие - Варна, Геоекоклуб “Академика” – Велико Търново, Българско дружество за защита на биоразнообразието “Семпервива” - Перник, “Зелени Балкани” - София, “За Земята”, Информационен и учебен център по екология. БлуЛинк си поставя за цел създаването на свободен информационен форум за демокрация, гражданско общество, устойчиво развитие и хармония с природата.

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